Rich Media Slideshow block

A rich media slideshow is a more engaging way for users to follow a storyline or instructions. We can use this block for better storytelling around the website, and as a precursor to more dynamic usage such as Milk chain and Recipe instructions.



  • Create slides using images or videos and a short text to highlight the story
  • Try types of slides: "Cover" (for the intro) and "Text" slide for everything else.
  • Note: only Media Service Videos are supported
  • "Anchor" is a unique identifier for the slideshow on the page. It's added to the Url and allows users to share and access the specific slideshow
  • ...


The slideshow block can be placed into any block with a rich text field: Full-width teaser block, rich text block...

Users can also access the slideshow by the Url.



Start slideshow
Full-width teaser block

Full-width teaser block

Slideshow can be inserted into a rich text field of any CVI block.

Start slideshow